Meditation Teacher Training

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher
Transform your life and help others transform theirs through the practice of meditation

Become an inspiring meditation teacher, a more compassionate leader or a trusted mentor. Share the power of meditation with your students, family, clients, or patients to bring greater self-awareness, presence and kindness into their everyday lives.

Our 2-year Meditation Teacher Training provides comprehensive preparation for teaching others the practice of mindfulness, loving kindness and more. The training includes emphasis on direct experience through personal meditation practice, study of the teachings surrounding meditation, and hands-on training giving instruction and talks.

This program can change your life. Let the MTT catalyze your personal transformation, and discover a deeper sense of passion, meaning and purpose. Enhance whatever work you are already doing in the world.

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This program is for experienced meditators wishing to deepen their personal meditation practice in a profound and powerful way who are motivated to improve their understanding and fluency in order to share effectively with others.

It is appropriate for anyone wanting to share an accurate understanding of meditation practice with family and friends, or for those who want to incorporate meditation training into an existing profession or healthcare practice (e.g. yoga teachers, psychotherapists, social workers, nurses, energy healers, etc.) And, of course, it is for people who want to teach meditation to others. But whether you want to become a meditation teacher or not, the Meditation Teacher Training Program is a powerful path of personal development and transformation.


“I want to thank you for what has been an indescribable journey, our Meditation Teacher Training. It was a joy to go all the way back to the beginning, receive your teachings on the most basic practices, and move through all of them. As you regularly told us, there is always value in returning to basics, and I found new depth and appreciation every step of the journey, from the most fundamental work with breath to the joyous exploration of the Tantra. The depth of your own training, your practice and your awakening always shone through. Your students are blessed to have you for guides, both in our personal practice and in our development as teachers, receiving the vast breadth of the teachings passed down to you by incomparable masters.”


“This has been a journey of a lifetime for me. Just like the Absolute it cannot be described in words, but – trust me – it is very felt. So thank you everyone {in the class}, and thank you Scott and Nancy. You have gone above and beyond my expectations for this course. I really feel confident in my base of knowledge and my ability to teach. The benefit to me in terms of awakening, peace and general well-being is deep and profound. – All of you hold a very special place in my heart.”

– SC

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