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Meditation is an amazing tool for life. With regular practice, you can achieve proven benefits like greater relaxation, reduced stress, clear focus, and increased well-being.

But meditation offers much more than that. Meditation can help you become more intelligent about yourself. It brings a deeper understanding of the workings of thought, emotion, and conditioning leading to greater self-awareness, freedom of choice, and wise perspective. You can heal and transform old habits, self-limiting beliefs, and emotional reactions. That translates into greater happiness, self-confidence, peace and fulfillment.

At the deepest level, meditation uncovers our natural human potential for wisdom and goodness, the recognition and eventual realization of our deepest nature – unconditional, awake awareness.

Start changing your life today.

Scott and Nancy McBride

Getting Started

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator, we offer a broad range of programs. To find what’s right for you, we recommend reading about our Levels of Meditation Experience. These provide helpful guidelines. Then check out Programs for current listings of courses and retreats or Events for single evening talks and group meditations.

Take your meditation practice to the next level…


A well-conceived program to approach and begin to practice mindfulness. The courses are based on the original teachings of mindfulness, not as a fad, but as a way that has been used to understand and fulfill our humanity.

– Past Course Participant

The McBrides are extremely experienced and able teachers with decades of training and practice in an illustrious lineage. This stands in stark contrast to much of the mindfulness instruction available these days.

– Past Course Participant

Superb teaching, carefully constructed. All participants were respected and included. I am grateful that you have brought me to a new level of awareness and called me to promise to “show up” everyday. In gratitude!

– J.G., 5-Day Retreat Participant

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