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Our Nature is Pure Awareness

A Day-long Retreat

With Scott McBride
Saturday October 26  |  10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
At: Plymouth Meeting Friends, 2150 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 (SW Corner of Germantown and Butler Pikes)

In this day of retreat, we will explore our most essential nature, Consciousness or Awareness. More fundamental than our thoughts and feelings, Awareness is the basis for having any experience at all. Awareness is the most unique experience in the Universe. It is invisible, formless, dimensionless, location-less, weightless, content-less, and yet is a clear, lucid knowing, a living intelligence that is synonymous with Being. When it is felt from the heart, it is love. It is who we really are. It is both personal and impersonal. It is no-self and it is intimacy with everything in every moment. All of the great Wisdom Traditions of the world share that the way to realize our human potential, to experience wisdom, freedom, and lasting peace, is to discover our innermost True Nature. One way to describe this nature is Pure Awareness.

This event is being hosted by Philadelphia Buddhist Association and will take place at Plymouth Friends Meeting, 2150 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19428. Tea and snacks will be served and there will be a one hour break for lunch, allowing time for local restaurants or a brown bag lunch.


This event is open to anyone interested in the direct approach of Awakening.

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In traditional Buddhist style, there is no fee for this program. But it is customary to express appreciation in the form of a gift (dana) to the teacher. Dana is both a practice of generosity as well as the means to provide financial support to our teachers who, unlike the monks and nuns of old, pay the regular bills associated with modern life. Your gift enables our teachers to continue to do what they do. Please make your donation at the event. It can be for any amount with a suggested minimum of $25-$50.

For further information about PBA, please contact info@philabuddhist.org.


While I have read and received direct path teachings before, the addition – or the clear pointing out of the heart element – deepened and made more vivid my experience. Incredible.Brandon, 5-Day Retreat Participant
Sharing the retreat with a group in this setting was so important and uplifting. Result – stronger understanding of awake awareness. Highly recommended. The best teachers with years of experience who actually care about your experience.Diane, 5-Day Retreat Participant
Thank you for such spacious, pointed teaching! The material, pacing and presentation (!!) continue to be first rate. The personal examples you give are always warmly humorous and helpful. Your passion for this practice mirrors your concern and care for us, your students and fellow practitioners. I watch my practice deepen and realization clarify while sensing the same maturation in my fellow class mates.Barry, Meditation Teacher and Awakening Course Participant
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