Befriending Yourself:
Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance

A One Day Online Retreat

SATURDAY MARCH 6 | 9:30 AM -12:00 PM and 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

This day is an opportunity to bring kindness and compassion to ourselves, opening to the wholeness of who we are under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The day will include guided meditations, the R.A.I.N. practice of self-compassion, inquiry exercises, and the opportunity for sharing and discussion with others in the group.  Experience how extended meditation practice takes you deeper.  The approach to the day will be gentle and enjoyable.

Who Should Attend?  This retreat is open to anyone who has a regular practice of mindfulness and compassion. It is also available as part of a special discount package when combined with the 10 week course “Radical Self-Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with Mindfulness and Compassion”. To sign up for the discount package, please sign up for the course and you will be presented with the package option.


Online Retreat

1. Standard Price: $79
2. Early bird discount of $10 if you sign up by February 27.
3. College/Grad Student Price: $40
4. Patron Price: $99

You will be asked to select an option when you sign up.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties during this crisis, we are offering Generosity Support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help.


I think ClearLight offers a solid, expert foundation upon which to explore mindfulness.
– Stacey Mandel
These meditation classes combined with my own practice have been life-changing for me. I’m more at home in my own skin, my relationships have improved, and in general I’m more content.
– K.D.
This class profoundly impacted my ability to deal with daily anxiety and have a calmer mindset overall. The instructor was incredible.
– Past Course Participant
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