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Levels of Meditation Experience

Based on many years’ experience, we recognize that there are essential skills everyone needs to develop to have a successful, well-rounded and engaged meditation practice. It is not as simple as listening to a recording that makes you feel good. If you really want your meditation practice to change your life, you need to develop a certain kind of mastery of your mind. Drawing on both ancient and contemporary wisdom, our courses have been developed to help you learn in a very efficient and progressive way – pointing out what to focus on first, what next, and on from there for the best outcome. One of the unique things about ClearLight is that we offer a path and we offer guidance. We try to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

Programs are organized not just by themes, but more importantly, by level of experience. Our use of Levels is meant to guide you in finding the right place to start – and then follow the logical next steps to build your meditation skills, understanding and personal experience – to take you as far as you want to go.

Selecting the program that is right for you is important. You get more out of it when you’re with people with similar experience. The conversation won’t be over your head. You won’t be bored revisiting things you already know. And you won’t bore anybody else. The levels make a richer and more dynamic experience for everyone.  

In Brief:

ClearLight Icons Beginners – For newer meditators. A solid introduction to Mindfulness skills and understanding.
ClearLight Icons Foundations – For mindfulness meditators. The focus is developing a robust, stable and steady Mindfulness Practice.
ClearLight Icons Committed – For those with a daily practice of mindfulness and awareness of at least one year. The focus expands to the psychology of meditation, deepening meditative insight, expanding our capacity for kindness and compassion, and developing Emotional Healing Skills.
ClearLight Icons Glimpses– For those interested in the direct awakening approach. An introduction to recognizing unconditional Awake Awareness and becoming familiar with the non-dual approach.
ClearLight Icons Awakening – For meditators experienced with non-dual awareness and the pathless path. A journey into the deeper implications for awakening in our whole life.
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Beginners Programs are for newer meditators, or anyone who wants a good review of the fundamental building blocks of mindfulness meditation practice. They’re suitable for:

  • Beginners with a little or no experience
  • Yoga students interested in complementing their physical yoga practice with meditation
  • Anyone who has tried learning meditation from a book or recording but wants more guidance and structure
  • Anyone wanting to re-establish a regular daily practice after a significant break

If you have never done an 8-week mindfulness training, we highly recommend starting with our Complete Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners This is our signature 8 week introduction to mindfulness. It will  familiarize you with all the essential skills and understanding you need to practice mindfulness successfully.

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The focus of Foundations programs is to help you strengthen and sustain a successful personal mindfulness practice. They assume a working knowledge of mindfulness meditation and are not for brand new beginners. These programs focus on skills for stabilizing attention and awareness, taming the mind, cultivating mindfulness of the body, increasing self-compassion, and developing meditative insight. The aim is for meditation to flourish as an integral and rewarding part of your daily life.

These programs are well suited for anybody who:

  • Has finished Complete Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners
  • Has taken a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program
  • Has mindfulness experience but wants to strengthen and deepen their practice
  • Or is looking for the support and guidance from experienced teachers.

We recommend that students complete 3 or 4 courses at this level before going on to courses at the Committed Level to round out your skill set.

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The focus in these programs is deepening meditative insight and mobilizing inner capacities for self-healing and growth so you can take charge of your life with greater effectiveness, clarity, compassion and kindness. Topics include: insight meditation and inquiry (vipassana), increasing self-compassion and loving kindness, learning skills for working with reactive emotions, and learning how to open to others in empathy from a place free of bias and conflict.  

Programs at this level assume you have established for at least the last year, a stable, “daily” meditation practice as a foundation for your life. A daily practice means 30 – 45 minutes each day for 5 – 7 days each week.

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These programs introduce a direct experience or “glimpse” of Awake Awareness, the highest goal of meditation.  Teachings and practices differ from the developmental path of mindfulness taking as their premise, that the very ground of our being is enlightened consciousness already. All we need to do is recognize this right now.

What blocks this recognition is unconscious, habitual identification with our thoughts, stories, personality, and sense of ourselves as separate from everything else. In programs at this level, you will learn many ways to recognize and explore awake awareness and awakened heart. This approach has the power to radically transform your life.   

Are Glimpses programs right for you?

  • These programs assume skill in working with our own psychological state, a level of freedom from confusion about thoughts and feelings, and the ability to see the mind clearly.
  • If you have been meditating for years and feel like you have hit a plateau, take your meditation to the next level.
  • Many people say the preparation of a strong background in mindfulness and compassion training made it possible to recognize Awake Awareness. But others, without much training at all, can recognize awake awareness right away.  Each of us is different.  You have to listen inside honestly and choose what’s right for you.
  • ClearLight programs are designed to prepare you and guide you in the direction of awakening if that is where you want to go.  If you are strongly called to awakening but are not sure if you are ready, contact us for guidance.
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Awakening begins with a glimpse into the deepest dimension of who we really are, beyond the superficial levels of personality, roles, life history, thoughts, memories, emotions and passing identities. We tap into the underlying essence of Being which is always already free, open, clear, loving and at peace. These glimpses of awakening lead to a radical shift from our usual solid, separate, me-centered consciousness to abiding as boundless love and awareness.

  • These programs are for those who have had a clear recognition of awake awareness and want to embody this awakening continuously in all aspects of their lives.
  • If you are drawn to our Awakening programs but are not sure if they are right for you, contact us for guidance.


I recommend ClearLight programs without reservation. The structured and progressive nature of the courses helps one to develop a sound practice of mindfulness without promoting any particular religious bias. The programs can augment any spiritual practice.
Teri Callahan, Financial and Business Analyst
Each class just helps my practice grow. Coming to ClearLight has been a life-changing event.
Andrea M.
I recommend Clearlight programs. Start with the Intro course if you’re new to this, and take the courses in the order recommended.Cathy P., Retired Teacher and Theater Director