Freedom From Unconscious Beliefs


A 10 week course deepening skills in meditative inquiry.

Committed - ClearLight Meditation Institute
Level: Committed

Meditation can free us from the tyranny of the unconscious thoughts, hidden beliefs, and assumptions that shape our experience and bind us in self-defeating patterns. When we develop the capacity to hold ourselves in a non-judgmental, compassionate way, we break through and begin to see ourselves more clearly. Awareness reveals what we haven’t seen before, and self-compassion allows us to feel held and supported by our own heart strength. The use of directed inquiry gently illuminates and dissolves the hidden concepts that undermine, sabotage and confuse us. This is the practice of insight. It leads to a deeper peace, well-being and confidence. In this course, we apply the R.A.I.N. techniques learned in Radical Self-Acceptance.

Instructor: Scott McBride

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