The Power of Self-Compassion

A Single Evening Talk With Nancy McBride

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 21, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Being human is a challenge. How many of us feel truly good about ourselves? We DO have our moments, but a lot of the time we feel we don’t meet up. We’re not a good enough parent, a good enough provider, or a good enough whatever. There’s a constant commentary in our heads, observing, comparing, and judging. Ironically, this kind of self-talk doesn’t really help. Instead it increases our stress, wears us down, makes us feel insecure and bad about ourselves.

Nancy McBride - ClearLight Meditation Institute - TeamThere’s also a bit of a myth in our social conditioning that we shouldn’t focus too much attention on ourselves. If we do, we’re somehow bad. If we’re feeling down, we should simply buck up and carry on – focus on something useful. And even when we accomplish something positive, instead of celebrating and feeling good about ourselves, we often feel the shadow of guilt. Or we look for what’s wrong with this picture.

The truth is, everybody just wants to be happy. And that is a good thing. But for real and lasting happiness, we need to learn a new way of relating with ourselves and our experience. In this evening session Nancy will share perspectives on self-compassion and its power to transform our lives in simple ways. The evening will include some contemplative meditation and self-awareness exercises – as well as suggestions for daily life.

Nancy McBride is Co-Director of ClearLight Meditation Institute. Having trained with some of the greatest living masters from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, she has been teaching and training students for over 40 years.  Dedicated to ‘paying it forward’, ClearLight makes these teachings available to people from all backgrounds and walks of life.


Fee: $25

To ensure no one is turned away for lack of funds, ClearLight offers partial scholarships. To inquire, please contact us. info@clearlightmeditation.org


I think ClearLight offers a solid, expert foundation upon which to explore mindfulness.
– Stacey Mandel
These meditation classes combined with my own practice have been life-changing for me. I’m more at home in my own skin, my relationships have improved, and in general I’m more content.
– K.D.
This class profoundly impacted my ability to deal with daily anxiety and have a calmer mindset overall. The instructor was incredible.
– Past Course Participant
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