Sunday Morning Online Meditation

MAY 16,  9:00 AM -11:30 AM EDT

This event will be held online via Zoom

“To the mind thirsting for peace and contentment, silent meditation is like drinking deeply from a mountain stream.”    – The Dalai Lama

seated meditatorsSunday Morning Online Meditation is a chance to meditate with group support. The full session is two and a half hours long and combines alternating periods of silent sitting and walking meditation. Meditating for a longer period of time like this can help the mind settle more completely than in daily practice to bring experiences of peace, clarity and well-being. These sessions are free of charge, but you must register so that we can send you instructions on how to connect.

Everyone is welcome, but please note that this session is silent meditation only. Participants at all levels are invited to meditate together whether your practice is mindfulness, insight meditation, loving-kindness, silent mantra, or resting in the Natural State of non-dual awareness.

To minimize disturbance, please join quietly.


9:00            Welcome and Introduction

9:05            Silent Sitting

9:35            Walking Meditation

9:45            Silent Sitting Meditation

10:25          Walking Meditation

10:35          Silent Sitting

11:10          Sharing, Inquiry and Discussion

11:30          Conclusion

Please feel free to join us for all or only a part of the session.


This event is free. You need to register so we can send you connection instructions. Instructions will be emailed by 5 pm on Saturday. If you sign up late you may not receive these instructions until Sunday morning at 8:45.


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