The World as Inseparable from Awake Awareness

ClearLight Meditation Institute


The World as Inseparable from Awake Awareness

A 10 Week Course

With Scott McBride
Tuesday evenings,  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
At: 250 W Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA.  Entry via Verge BodyMind.
Thursday mornings,  9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
At: 250 W Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA.  Entry via Verge BodyMind.

This course is for those who have recognized the true nature of awareness and are able to rest in formless, timeless, content-free consciousness or Being. Recognition means we have experienced an identity shift prompting our awakening from the dream of being a limited, solid, separate ego-based self, into the realization of unity with the whole of existence.  Although recognition may not be stable or continuous, you are drawn into the ongoing process of awakening.

Once you have recognized Awake Awareness your entire world begins to turn inside out. What was once a separate self, looking out at a separate world composed of separate things, now is experienced as a web of interconnected appearances arising within the boundless field of Awake Awareness.  The entire world and everything in it, including your body, is experienced as appearing to, appearing within, and inseparable from Awake Awareness.  Like waves are not different from water, nothing arising in this field of awareness is separate from the awareness itself. And there is no inside or outside.  It is all one life, awake and aware.

As Awake Awareness becomes embodied through sustained recognition, we discover what is meant in the famous Heart Sutra: “Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.”  Not only is the body experienced as a hologram of energy, light, and sensation, but all forms are gradually seen and felt to be empty-yet-full, rainbow-like appearances in the space of Awareness.  In Tibetan Buddhism this is called “illusory form,”  the “sacred mandala (field) of Awakened appearances”.  Our way of seeing, feeling and relating with the world around us transforms completely.  We feel a sense of sacredness and an intimacy and interconnectedness with all of life, both the animate and inanimate.  The beauty, vividness, and energy of the phenomenal world are experienced as the spontaneous dance of Awake Awareness.

At ClearLight we believe in the power of retreat practice for integrating what is learned in class and to deepen meditation experience. We strongly encourage participation in the one day retreat associated with this course taking place on December 1st.

Registration Options

  • On-site Classroom - $249

    Early bird discount of $20 if registered by September 10.

  • Course Plus Retreat Package - $349

    This option is only available when signing up for the course. Early bird discount of $30 if registered by September 10.

  • Recordings Only - $125

    The best way to develop a meditation practice is to participate with a group in a live setting. But for those who are unable to attend our onsite class, ClearLight offers an Internet only option. Under this option, the weekly audio recordings from each class are made available each week via our website. Requires computer and internet access.

  • Recordings + Retreat Package - $225

    This special discount option includes the recordings from the 10-week course and the companion one day retreat on Sunday November 18. Click here to read about the retreat.

To ensure no one is turned away for lack of funds, ClearLight offers partial scholarships. To apply, please contact us.


A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed to all registered participants during the first week of the course.

While I have read and received direct path teachings before, the addition – or the clear pointing out of the heart element – deepened and made more vivid my experience. Incredible.Brandon, 5-Day Retreat Participant
Sharing the retreat with a group in this setting was so important and uplifting. Result – stronger understanding of awake awareness. Highly recommended. The best teachers with years of experience who actually care about your experience.Diane, 5-Day Retreat Participant
Thank you for such spacious, pointed teaching! The material, pacing and presentation (!!) continue to be first rate. The personal examples you give are always warmly humorous and helpful. Your passion for this practice mirrors your concern and care for us, your students and fellow practitioners. I watch my practice deepen and realization clarify while sensing the same maturation in my fellow class mates.
Barry, Meditation Teacher and Awakening Course Participant