The Union of Absolute and Relative in Everyday Life - Part II

A 6 Week Online Course for experienced meditators

7:00 PM-9:00 PM


This course is intended for those with a deep interest in the process of Awakening. It is a continuation of the previous course but you do not need to have completed Part I in order to participate.

The experience of Awakening to our True Nature is multi-dimensional and has profound implications for every aspect of our life. Awakening is the direct experience beyond all conceptual knowledge, that the essence of what we are is infinite, formless, timeless, content-less, loving awareness.  This has been called the Ultimate or Absolute Truth – the impersonal, universal consciousness that is our underlying nature and the essence of everything that exists.  In the various spiritual, religious, and wisdom traditions of the world this has been called by many names: God, the Divine, Buddha Nature, the Tao, Yahweh, Christ Consciousness, Allah, Brahma, Unity Consciousness, Source and more.  Regardless of the name or the tradition, this essence is ultimately beyond words or descriptions, and yet it can be experienced directly in meditative awareness.

Realizing the Absolute nature of phenomena is not the end of our journey but the beginning of a continuous unfolding of Awakening. What comes next is even more challenging.

For this realization to complete itself and to become lasting, it must pervade our experience of the Relative dimension of ordinary human life, guiding our thoughts, behavior, and interactions with others.  The true meaning of non-duality is the union of the absolute and the relative, the unmanifest and the manifest, the invisible and the visible, the transcendent and the mundane.

In the Great Way teachings of Buddhism there is a famous text, Seven Points of Training the Awakening Mind. This is essentially a practice manual for experiencing the union of the absolute and the relative in daily life.  It presents condensed teachings or “slogans” that guide us to remember that absolute truth is not separate from whatever chaos, disappointment, or discomfort we may be experiencing.  There are slogans that apply to almost every human circumstance.  When committed to memory, they become powerful methods of transformation, helping us instantaneously shift our consciousness from the darkness of old, habitual, egoic tendencies to the light of already-awake compassionate awareness.

In this course we will repeatedly practice experiencing the unity of the Absolute and Relative applying altruistic compassionate methods as a primary tool of transformation.  We will use the Seven Points and teachings from other traditions as a support for our exploration.

Note:  The Seven Points of Mind Training are commonly taught from the “bottom up”, meaning that the approach is more aspirational and is not yet based in awake awareness.  We will be exploring these teachings from the “top down”, meaning that right from the start we are seated in the experience of already-awake compassionate awareness.

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I think ClearLight offers a solid, expert foundation upon which to explore mindfulness.
– Stacey Mandel
These meditation classes combined with my own practice have been life-changing for me. I’m more at home in my own skin, my relationships have improved, and in general I’m more content.
– K.D.
This class profoundly impacted my ability to deal with daily anxiety and have a calmer mindset overall. The instructor was incredible.
– Past Course Participant
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