The Awakened Heart: Liberating Thoughts, Emotions and Sub-Personalities

ClearLight Meditation Institute


The Awakened Heart: Liberating Thoughts, Emotions and Sub-Personalities

A 10 Week Self-Study Course

With Scott McBride

Everyday awareness is a gateway to discovering the lasting peace and happiness that sages, mystics, and enlightened beings have talked about for millennia.  This kind of awakening is not far away but very close….. So close that it is missed by almost everyone.

Awakening begins when awareness becomes aware of itself. This initiates a natural process of intelligent self-inquiry leading to the recognition of our deeper nature – a boundless, content-less lucidity alive with Being. This recognition has been called ‘awake awareness’.  When awake awareness is felt from the heart, it naturally shines essential qualities of safety, support, love, empathy, and interconnectedness. All parts of ourselves are included, embraced and known within the spacious, witnessing field of awake awareness.  Thoughts, emotions, and even our sub-personalities – like the “anxious one” inside – are recognized and embraced by awake awareness as energetic expressions of itself. This frees them from distortion and contraction, releasing their energy to return to its natural functioning as part of awakened Being.

This course is a dynamic and spontaneous journey in awakening at the heart level, opening to those parts in ourselves that we resist or ignore. Classes will include meditation, ‘glimpse’ practices, teaching and group discussions. Participants are encouraged to use Shift Into Freedom, by Loch Kelly, as a support for exploring the themes presented in class.

Registration Options

  • Recordings Only: $125

    Self-study Course with 10 weekly class recordings.

To ensure no one is turned away for lack of funds, ClearLight offers partial scholarships. To inquire, please contact us.


A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed within one week of registration.

Concepts and techniques which seemed exotic at first, have become as necessary and practical as a toothbrush. The courses and retreats are not just polite introductions, but profound immersions in Truth.
B.B., Teacher
Discussion in these classes is the most meaningful thing I do each week.M.L.
The programs are run by people who practice what they “preach.” Extremely knowledgeable and seem to exude kindness.Past Retreat Participant