Taming the Mind with Mindfulness: Working with Thoughts, Emotions & Mental Patterns

An 8 week online course

APRIL 20 - JUNE 15  (no class on Memorial Day)

This is an online program.

When we practice mindfulness, we begin to see that the mind has a life of its own. Thoughts come up all by themselves, whether we like it or not. Like waves, they just keep on coming. They may start quietly, but they build in strength, and often carry us away into emotions, reactivity, stress, confusion and unhappiness. Everyone knows how it feels. We experience it every day. And the truth is, when we are unaware and unschooled, our thoughts and reactive emotions are running our life.

The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to tame the mind, discover the mental patterns and emotions that re-peat unconsciously, so that we can release their hold on us and live our lives with greater wisdom and contentment.

Classes include guided meditation, talks, and discussions. Students are encouraged to take up a regular, daily meditation practice. All classes are recorded and made available on a weekly basis as a support for practice and to make sure you don’t miss anything, even if you can’t attend. This course is also available as recordings only.

Who should attend? This Foundation level course is for experienced mindfulness meditators who want to strengthen, deepen or renew their practice.

You may also select ‘A Day of Guided Mindfulness Meditation’ as a companion to this course because research has shown that people experience greater success in meditation when they integrate the weekly learning with a day of guided practice. You can register for the day-long program separately at any time, but we give a special discount if you sign up for the retreat at the same time as you register for the 8-week course.

Registration Options

8 Week Course Without Companion Retreat 'A Day of Guided Mindfulness’

1. Covid-19 Interim Price - Online Course Only: $180 ($45 off regular price)
2. Covid-19 Interim College/Grad Student Price - Course Only: $100. ($125 off regular price)

Package: 8 Week Course & Online Live Retreat 'A Day of Guided Mindfulness'

3. Covid-19 Interim Price – Online Course & Retreat: $220 ($45 off regular price)
4. Covid-19 Interim College/Grad Student Price - Course & Retreat: $150 ($115 off regular price)

Audio Recording Options

5. Covid-19 Interim Price - 8 Recordings: $79 ($20 off regular price)
6. Covid-19 Interim Price - 8 Recordings plus Live Online Retreat 'A Day of Guided Mindfulness': $139. ($26 off regular price)

You will be asked to select an option when you sign up.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties during this crisis, we are offering Generosity Support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help.

A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed to all registered participants during the first week of the course.


I am really grateful for this teaching. I have been longing for a non-denominational approach to spirituality that is practical and that I can relate to. This course has been very satisfying and I look forward to more like it! Thank you.
– Past Course Participant
Gil is a great instructor, patient, knowledgeable and supportive.
– Past Course Participant
Coming here has given me a greater sense of commitment to starting a practice, more than just reading or watching videos!
– Past Course Participant
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