Investigating the True Nature of Awareness

Nancy McBride


Investigating the True Nature of Awareness

A 6 Week Course for experienced meditators

With Scott McBride
Monday Evenings
July 15 – August 19
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
At: Valley Friends Meeting House, 1121 Old Eagle School Rd, Wayne, PA

Once we have a consistent degree of mental stability in our daily meditation and can be with ourselves in kindness and compassion even through difficult thoughts and emotions, we begin to experience a spaciousness of mind.  This spacious consciousness is like an ocean in which all the five senses, thoughts, emotions and body sensations are arising and disappearing like waves on water.  All of life is seen to be a perceptual experience of these waves, one after another – events in the field of consciousness.

The next step in our meditative development is to become curious about this background field of our awareness by bringing it into the foreground to find out more about it.

This movement is often described as awareness becoming aware of itself.  This is the beginning of awakening. It begins with small glimpses at first, but gradually these glimpses become more and more frequent and longer in duration until eventually they completely change our whole way of experiencing.

In this course we will investigate the True Nature of Awareness.

Awareness is the most unique experience in the Universe.  It is invisible, formless, dimensionless, location-less, weightless, content-less, and yet is a clear, lucid knowing, a living intelligence that is synonymous with Being.  When it is felt from the heart, it is love.  It is who we really are.

All the great Wisdom Traditions of the world share that the way to realize our human potential, to experience wisdom, freedom, and lasting peace, is to discover our innermost True Nature.

Registration Options

  • On-site Classroom - $160

    Early bird discount of $15 if registered by July 1.

  • College Student Discount - $80

    If you sign up for this option, you must bring valid student ID to the first class.

  • Recordings Only - $75

    For those who are unable to attend our onsite class, ClearLight offers an Internet only option. Under this option, the weekly audio recordings from each class are made available each week via our website. Requires computer and internet access.

To ensure no one is turned away for lack of funds, ClearLight offers partial scholarships. To inquire, please contact us.


A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed to all registered participants during the first week of the course.

You guys are serious and laid back at the same time which I really like. I feel that you have acquired real wisdom and experience in the areas that you teach, but I love how you really do “meet people where they are”.Past Course Participant
Walking the path under the guidance of Scott and Nancy has transformed my life. I now live it from a place of love, joy, compassion, and peace. When inevitable turmoil happens, it’s transient and I can move through it. I’m no longer whip-sawed around. Each day feels enveloped in gratitude and I feel held by a loving presence.N. C., Physical Therapist
The talks on loving kindness were a beautiful blend of wisdom, love, science addressing the challenge of our common reality.D. L., Past course participant