Expanding the Circle of Love and Compassion

ClearLight Meditation Institute


Expanding the Circle of Love and Compassion

A 6 Week Course for experienced meditators

With Nancy McBride
Tuesday Evenings
July 16 – August 20
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
At: 486 Maynard Drive, Wayne, PA

The path of meditation offers different techniques to awaken our hearts so that we live from a greater place of kindness, understanding and compassion. Practicing like this can bring about a profound shift in how we experience our life – and how we are able to connect with others. We become more positive, more open and accepting, more grateful, patient, loving and authentic.

In this class we will explore four profound contemplation practices that lead us beyond the narrowness of our usual egocentric orientation and open us up to the boundless potential of heart and mind. The four contemplations are: Loving Kindness – unbiased affection for ourselves and others, Compassion – the strength to be present with suffering, Sympathetic Joy – delight in the happiness of others, and Equanimity – the natural peace that arises as we discover our inherent oneness with all of experience. These four are practiced within the context of mindfulness meditation utilizing the same non-judging, non-grasping, non-rejecting orientation toward whatever arises in the present moment.

Classes will include teachings, guided meditations, and discussion. Readings will be assigned from Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg. Students are responsible for obtaining their own copies of the book.

Registration Options

  • On-site Classroom - $160

    Early bird discount of $15 if registered by July 1 – $145.

  • College Student Discount: $80

    If you sign up for this option, you must bring valid student ID to the first class.

  • Recordings Only - $75

    The best way to develop a meditation practice is to participate with a group in a live setting. But for those who are unable to attend our onsite class, ClearLight offers an Internet only option. Under this option, the weekly audio recordings from each class are made available each week via our website. Requires computer and internet access.

To ensure no one is turned away for lack of funds, ClearLight offers partial scholarships. To inquire, please contact us. info@clearlightmeditation.org


A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed to all registered participants during the first week of the course.

You guys are serious and laid back at the same time which I really like. I feel that you have acquired real wisdom and experience in the areas that you teach, but I love how you really do “meet people where they are”.Past Course Participant
Walking the path under the guidance of Scott and Nancy has transformed my life. I now live it from a place of love, joy, compassion, and peace. When inevitable turmoil happens, it’s transient and I can move through it. I’m no longer whip-sawed around. Each day feels enveloped in gratitude and I feel held by a loving presence.N. C., Physical Therapist
The talks on loving kindness were a beautiful blend of wisdom, love, science addressing the challenge of our common reality.D. L., Past course participant