Complete Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

Our 8-week ONLINE course introducing the techniques of mindfulness meditation and stress reduction

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

APRIL 19 – JUNE 14  No class on Memorial Day 
WITH DR. MARK BERGER                            

The practice of mindfulness is not something you can accomplish just reading about it. And meditating with free apps is great until you realize you’re ready for something more substantial. This is the value of a structured weekly course thoughtfully designed to guide you in understanding how mindfulness works – helping you establish a strong personal practice.

Meditation is simple in essence, but it’s also subtle. It asks us to patiently re-train our bodies and minds in peace and simplicity so that we can experience the benefits of greater relaxation, lower stress, increased clarity and general well-being. 

This course will introduce you step by step to the practice of mindfulness. You will learn fundamental meditation techniques including the body scan, mindfulness of breathing, walking meditation and more.

beginners meditation - ClearLight Meditation InstituteTopics include:

  • Understanding what meditation is and how it works
  • The Scientific Research into its Benefits
  • How and why to establish a daily practice
  • How to relax mind and body
  • Training in attention and awareness
  • Mindfulness of Breathing and sense perceptions
  • Common challenges and remedies
  • Mindfulness in daily life

Each weekly meeting includes guided meditation, talks, and discussion. The class format is set up to provide opportunity for personal guidance and for sharing experiences with others in the class. If you’re relatively new to meditation, this is the place to start.

Research has shown that people have greater success when they integrate the learning from a weekly course with a dedicated session of guided practice. For this reason we offer the Mindfulness Mini-Retreat “Practicing Nowness: A Morning of Guided Mindfulness Meditation” on Sunday May 23rd as a Companion to this course. Registration for the Mini-Retreat is separate.

Registration Options

8 Week Online Course

1. EarlyBird Price: $159 (if registered by April 9th)
2. Standard Price: $179
3. College/Grad Student Price: $89
4. Patron Price: $199

You will be asked to select an option when you sign up.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties during this crisis, we are offering Generosity Support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help.

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A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed to all registered participants during the first week of the course.


I think ClearLight offers a solid, expert foundation upon which to explore mindfulness.
– Stacey Mandel
These meditation classes combined with my own practice have been life-changing for me. I’m more at home in my own skin, my relationships have improved, and in general I’m more content.
– K.D.
This class profoundly impacted my ability to deal with daily anxiety and have a calmer mindset overall. The instructor was incredible.
– Past Course Participant
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