Awakening the Inner Witness

A 6 Week Online Course for experienced meditators


This is an online program.

As our meditation matures, the style of our practice naturally shifts from a singular focus on the breath to a more open and relaxed witnessing of whatever presents itself moment by moment to our awareness. That might be sense perceptions, thoughts, stories, emotions or physical sensations.  We begin to see that what we are most fundamentally is a clear knowing awareness that is present even before the sense of the ‘I’ forms as the ‘owner’ of experience.  We learn to simply be the silent witnessing awareness of our experience without grasping, rejecting, judging, labeling, or controlling.

This clear witnessing awareness, like a mirror, reflects whatever is placed before it without distortion. And like a mirror, it is never tainted or changed in any way by whatever appears.  By its very nature awareness is peaceful, clear, open, spacious, silent and still.  This discovery brings us to the threshold of a life-changing inner freedom and the possibility of a whole new way of living.

Classes will include teachings, guided and silent mediations, awareness exercises, and discussions.

Who should take this course?  This course builds on the foundational practices of basic mindfulness, peaceful abiding, loving kindness, self-compassion and Inter-Being.  Participants should have been meditating for a minimum of 30 minutes each day for at least 2 years, and have substantial experience with the formal practices of loving kindness and self-compassion.

Registration Options

Covid-19 Special Price – 6 Week course: $125  ($35 off regular price)

Covid-19 Grad/College Student Price – 6 Week Course: $80  ($80 off regular price)

Patron Price: $160

Recordings Only: $75

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If you are experiencing financial difficulties during this crisis, we are offering Generosity Support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help.

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A link to the audio recordings for this course will be emailed to all registered participants during the first week of the course.



You guys are serious and laid back at the same time which I really like. I feel that you have acquired real wisdom and experience in the areas that you teach, but I love how you really do “meet people where they are”.
– Past Course Participant
Walking the path under the guidance of Scott and Nancy has transformed my life. I now live it from a place of love, joy, compassion, and peace. When inevitable turmoil happens, it’s transient and I can move through it. I’m no longer whip-sawed around. Each day feels enveloped in gratitude and I feel held by a loving presence.
– N. C., Physical Therapist
The talks on loving kindness were a beautiful blend of wisdom, love, science addressing the challenge of our common reality.
– D. L., Past course participant
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