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About ClearLight

ClearLight Meditation Institute offers more than a menu of courses. Here are some of the things that set us apart.


  • Our Directors have been teaching meditation for almost 40 years. Trained by some of the truly great meditation masters of our time, they have helped thousands of people apply meditation successfully to the challenge of 21st century living.

  • Our Experienced Teachers draw upon many years of personal meditation practice, study and training to provide a deep level of compassionate guidance and instruction.


We cover a broad range of meditative skills to touch every area of life – physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. Topics include:

  • Relaxation, Calm and Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness and Awareness
  • Practices to Open, Awaken and Free the Heart
  • Meditation in Everyday Life
  • “Shadow” work skills for Emotional Healing
  • Meditative Inquiry and Insight
  • Recognizing innate awake awareness


Our programs address all levels of experience and interest from beginners to very advanced meditators who have practiced for many years. Uniquely we focus on both the process of gradual development through meditation as well as the deeper unfolding of profound awakening.


Our integrative approach draws upon insights from neuroscience, contemporary psychology, and traditional teachings to make practice meaningful and applicable in today’s complex world.


Meditation is for everybody. Our approach is non-denominational, accessible, and open to everyone from every background.

Guidance & Support

We provide consistent structure and support in the form of live weekly classes, online programs, and regular retreats designed to meet you at your level of experience with accessible step by step instruction to take your practice to the next level. Our instructors are available for private mentoring.


If you are interested in Awakening, entire levels of our program are devoted to recognizing, stabilizing, embodying and living from non-dual awareness.


The program is purposeful, the staff is knowledgeable and caring, and everyone should take a class!Heather Bloodworth, YMCA Executive
The learning was broken down into segments that I could digest so that the next class built on a solid understanding. If you’re looking for a place to get a handle on how to be mindful, how to reduce self-caused issues, ClearLight can’t be beat. Smart, kind people speaking clearly!Jim LaPann, Attorney
The retreat was excellent. I appreciate the guidance, the exercises, the discussions, the time for practice, and the care and compassion in helping us awaken in a loving way. I absolutely value the teachings on awakening and open heartedness. Best retreats ever!MF, Mindfulness Instructor

Our name

‘Clearlight’ is the translation of a Tibetan Buddhist word used to describe the essential nature of awareness. ‘Clear’ means it is completely formless, transparent, and boundless like space. ‘Light’ refers to its quality of spontaneous illumination or cognizance. Like light, awareness is suffused with the radiating warmth of unconditional kindness and love. Never clouded by the infinite variety of experiences, clearlight awareness is completely pure from the beginning, a fundamental continuum that is spontaneously present and free. Through meditation, the clearlight nature of awareness reveals itself as our true identity.

The ClearLight Team

Scott McBride
Nancy McBride
Holly Henry
Gil Stevens
Kristin Page
Mark Berger
Victoria Green, Ph.D.